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Virtual office in Wrocław Krzyki, registration address

The company's address in a prestigious, cozy location in Wrocław is an investment in the image of your company.The offer virtual office Wrocław is more than just an address for registering a company and receiving correspondence.We care about the success of your company.That's why we help with all formalities related to running a business, we provide support to our specialists (lawyer and accountant) and advise on how to navigate the business world in Wroclaw.Thanks to this, you will focus on gaining new markets and new clients, while minimizing the costs of running your business and office.

  • Prestigious location of Wrocław-Krzyki.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Professional customer service.
  • Discretion, loyalty, data privacy.
  • Competitive prices in Wroclaw market.
  • Your company logo on the building facade.

A full package of benefits at one low price

Address for company registration

Choose: Niemczańska street 33/4, 33/5, 33/6, 39/5, 39/6

Address for correspondence

Receiving mail, no limit

E-Mail scanning, no limit

Sending mail to the address provided

E-mail / SMS notifications about new correspondence

Choose an address for your company:

As the only virtual office in Wrocław, we offer many addresses for company registration:
50-561 Wrocław,
Choose street and then apartment number

This is how your company's stamp looks like:

"Your company name"
50-561 Wrocław, Niemczańska street X/Y
VAT no.: 0000000000   REGON: 000000000

How do we compare with the competition

Address for company registration
Physical address for registering the company.
Address for correspondence
Address for receiving company correspondence.
Address for business cards on the Internet (Google, Zumi, Panorama Firm, etc.)
Renting an address for company registration, business activity, foundation.
Choose any of the many addresses for your business
We are the owners of the entire building. Thanks to this, you can choose from many addresses:
Wroclaw, Niemczańska street 33/4, 33/5, 33/6, 39/5, 39/6.
Receiving mail, no limit.
We collect mail twice a day. Then we scan and e-mail the attachment in the PDF file.
Scanning and posting correspondence in a web panel, no limit.
Correspondence scan and sending as PDF attachments to the e-mail. Same-day scanning. You can also find the entire history of your correspondence and received mail in the online customer panel.
Notifications about new email E-mail, SMS, no limit.
After receiving the correspondence, we scan it on the same day and send it as a text as a PDF attachment to the email. Same-day scanning. We open and scan the incoming letters, or we do not open and scan the envelope so that you know the sender.

Price list for Virtual office N33 Wroclaw

44 PLN per month
For 12-months payment in advance.
55 PLN per month
For 6-months payment in advance.
+8 PLN per month
A plate with the company's logo on the advertising box next to the building.
The above prices in net value. 23% VAT should be added. Discount for another company 10%.When signing the contract, payment is required in advance for the first 6 months. After that, 3-months payments are possible.
Order a virtual office service
If you cannot or do not want to register a company in your place of residence, take advantage of the virtual office in Wrocław.

Renting an address for a company - business registration Wroclaw

To set up a business, you must have a postal address where you can register your business. Some use their home or residence address for this purpose (often even unaware of the shortcomings of this solution).

Virtual office is a service that is a solution for people who work from home or are often on the go and therefore do not need a permanent, stationary office. Some also do not want their home address to be displayed in different business directories, where the company's address appears. Thanks to the virtual office solution we offer, you can register a company, company or business activity at a prestigious address in Gaj in Wrocław. Thanks to this, you will have the right to use this address in all matters related to the company, such as in business contacts, when dealing with official matters, in the tax or banking office.

If you want to register your business at a prestigious address in the Gaj housing estate in Wrocław, the services of our e-office will be a good solution for you. By signing the contract with us you get an attractive address for the company's headquarters in Wrocław, without incurring high financial outlays related to renting your own premises, cleaning and maintaining it. Our office is located at Niemczańska Street in Wrocław. As an address tenant, you can choose addresses from the pool of unique apartment numbers.

Registration address for Wrocław

If you need a physical correspondence address and company registration, renting a virtual office in Niemczańska allows you to overcome all problems of a freelancer, a person working remotely or a person wanting to open a company in Wroclaw, without a place of residence.

The monthly cost of such a virtual office service is only several dozen zlotys. Thanks to this, you not only get the address for registering the company, but also ensure that you receive correspondence and send scans of this correspondence to the e-mail address provided. By choosing the right package you can count on a number of additional services.

Renting a virtual office is not only a physical address for registering the company, but also office services:

  1. Receiving and sending scans of incoming mail to the virtual office address.
  2. Email support (you get a dedicated email).
  3. Storing and archiving documents that came by post.

Office address for foreigners

If you are coming to a new country and do not have your own apartment, where will you register your company? Therefore, a virtual office is a good solution not only for people working remotely, but also for foreigners. The service of renting an address to register a business will help foreigners.

When starting talks with the virtual office, we start contacting by signing the office space rental contract and signing the service contract. In this case, the service is providing a virtual address, i.e. renting a virtual office.

Already for 44 PLN per month (with payment in advance for a year) we rent premises for registering a business activity, a civil law partnership or a limited liability company. Our offer will benefit not only entrepreneurs starting their first company, but also companies operating on the market for many years. Depending on the chosen virtual office package, you can register your company with your chosen address from the pool of several (Niemczańska 33 or Niemczańska 39) and set up a registered office address there. Thanks to this, you gain access to the most friendly offices in the Wrocław-Krzyki district.

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