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Virtual office in Wrocław Krzyki, registration address

Krzyki virtual office is an offer for companies that do not need a permanent workplace, but need a recognizable, prestigious address to receive mail and parcels or want to report to Wrocław-Krzyki offices.

We provide sorting, scanning, and sending your correspondence: we notify you of correspondence by e-mail up to 3 hours. from their adoption. We send scanned lists by e-mail as PDF attachments.

Thanks to this solution, you can easily redirect official office letters to the office and not be afraid that the deadline for reply will be lost. A virtual address for correspondence for a company also gives you the chance to maintain as much privacy as possible, because you do not have to register the company at your private home address. The virtual address of the Niemczańska office ensures anonymity and protection of personal data.

What do you get?
  • A prestigious business address for company registration and correspondence.
  • Please include this address in all company documents - from business cards to Google/web searches.
  • We will handle incoming correspondence - we can forward or scan it (including parcels up to 30kg and money orders).
  • E-mail / SMS notifications about received correspondence.
  • Scanning of received correspondence (no limit).
  • Storage of received correspondence (without additional payments).
Your benefits:
  • Great savings: your company's headquarters from 44 PLN per month.
  • Full office service without hiring employees.
  • Minimum formalities: contract in 2 hours. Convenience: the contract can also be made by mail without coming to us.
  • Discretion, confidentiality and anonymity of private data and private address.

Choose an address for your company:

As the only virtual office in Wrocław, we offer many addresses for company registration:
50-561 Wrocław,
Choose street and then apartment number

This is how your company's stamp looks like:

"Your company name"
50-561 Wrocław, Niemczańska street X/Y
VAT no.: 0000000000   REGON: 000000000

How do we compare with the competition

Address for company registration
Physical address for registering the company.
Address for correspondence
Address for receiving company correspondence.
Address for business cards on the Internet (Google, Zumi, Panorama Firm, etc.)
Renting an address for company registration, business activity, foundation.
Choose any of the many addresses for your business
We are the owners of the entire building. Thanks to this, you can choose from many addresses:
Wroclaw, Niemczańska street 33/4, 33/5, 33/6, 39/5, 39/6.
Receiving mail, no limit.
We collect mail twice a day. Then we scan and e-mail the attachment in the PDF file.
Scanning and posting correspondence in a web panel, no limit.
Correspondence scan and sending as PDF attachments to the e-mail. Same-day scanning. You can also find the entire history of your correspondence and received mail in the online customer panel.
Notifications about new email E-mail, SMS, no limit.
After receiving the correspondence, we scan it on the same day and send it as a text as a PDF attachment to the email. Same-day scanning. We open and scan the incoming letters, or we do not open and scan the envelope so that you know the sender.

Price list for Virtual office N33 Wroclaw

44 PLN per month
For 12-months payment in advance.
55 PLN per month
For 6-months payment in advance.
+8 PLN per month
A plate with the company's logo on the advertising box next to the building.
The above prices in net value. 23% VAT should be added. Discount for another company 10%.When signing the contract, payment is required in advance for the first 6 months. After that, 3-months payments are possible.
Order a virtual office service

We are subordinate to the following offices:

  • Tax Office Wrocław-Krzyki
    ul. Sztabowa 100
    53-310 Wrocław

    2,5 km (7 min) Show route

  • District Court Wrocław-Krzyki
    ul. Podwale 30
    50-040 Wrocław

    3,8 km (13 min) Show route

  • Social Insurance Institution Branch in Wroclaw
    ul. Pretficza 11
    50-930 Wrocław

    3,4 km (9 min) Show route

  • Post Office Wrocław 54, Gaj
    ul Jabłeczna 25
    50-567 Wrocław

    1 km (3 min) Show route

Running a business does not have to involve expensive investments for renting an office. We realize how difficult it is to enter the market with a new offer. That is why we offer a virtual Wrocław-Gaj office, which will facilitate the establishment and operation of your own company, with reduced office maintenance costs.

Rental of correspondence address Wroclaw

I set up a business and needs a registered office for company registration. I am not looking for square meters, because it involves high costs. Our virtual office is a very beneficial and at the same time reducing the cost of office renting option. In a nutshell, it is a service consisting in commissioning our company with office services. Thanks to the virtual office you don't have to have a physical headquarters of your company. You can only have an address and all incoming correspondence will be scanned and sent to you by email.

Virtual office at ul. Niemczańska Wrocław was created for entrepreneurs and their needs. Our mission is to create conditions in which entities cooperating with us can minimize the cost of renting and maintaining the office, and can focus on maximizing profit. When working with us, you choose competence, speed, flexibility and a wide range of services. We usually close the virtual office rental contract from reporting to us to signing the contract in 24 hours.

Rental of address for business registration Wrocław

See the full offer of renting a physical address for the company. The service of renting an address for company registration covers key aspects of the virtual office:

  1. Postal address for company registration in Wrocław.
  2. Postal address for correspondence.
  3. We receive correspondence at the selected postal address, then we scan it and send it to you at the email address provided.
  4. Scanning incoming documents and notifying the client by e-mail or SMS about letters is a standard for us in correspondence of the company.

The virtual office run by Niemczańska 33, Wrocław allows you to register a business, company, civil law partnership, limited liability company, foundation, association at a physical office address in the Krzyki district, on the Gaj estate in Wrocław. In addition to the registered office address, you get comprehensive office service: receiving letters (including registered mail) and postal items. An additional benefit is the online customer panel, thanks to which you have constant access to received correspondence.

Office address for Wrocław company registration

Benefits of a virtual office include: Saving costs in maintaining a traditional office, attractive business address in Wrocław at Niemczańska Street, convenient location of the company's headquarters near the center of Wroclaw, professional service including signing the contract takes us less than 24 hours. All this while ensuring discretion. We treat customers with a degree of loyalty and treat all information about their business confidentially.

Virtual Office at ul. Niemczańska in Wrocław provides various service packages at favorable, low prices for entrepreneurs. We settle by issuing VAT invoices for renting the address for establishing the Wrocław company. We are subordinate to the Wrocław-Krzyki Tax Office.

Each client of our virtual office receives an online client panel. Thanks to the customer panel you get free and unlimited access to full and detailed data on the correspondence received, which came to your rented physical office address. Thanks to this you will have access to scans of letters, attachments, etc. Our panel is also available for mobile devices (i.e. for Android and iOS), as the website automatically adapts to these devices. You can grant access to any number of users to these scans of company correspondence: associates, board members, employees, etc.

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