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Commercial for rent Niemczańska street 37

Poniżej prezentujemy rzut z góry lokalu na wynajem oznaczonego jako Office place no. 37.The premise shows a sample arrangement of partition walls.You can freely change the layout of the partition walls.

Office space for rent 37 Wroclaw
Office space for rent 37 Wroclaw

Property no. 37 includes a part of the area in front of the entrance door to the premise. This area to be used by the tenant, marked in orange:

A piece of the area belongs to premise no. 0.
A piece of the area belongs to premise no. 37.
Direction to the north
Direction to the north
Front door
Entrance door to the premises
Air conditioner
Air conditioner, can be moved
Prepared for a sink (hot/cold water, with sewage system)
Internet socket
Internet socket (Optical fiber)
Niemczańska street 37, Wroclaw
Niemczańska street 37, Wroclaw
Niemczańska street 37, Wroclaw
Niemczańska street 37, Wroclaw
Examples of interior design

We advise how it can be divided into smaller rooms. The final decision is yours. In purple, suggestions of partition walls that will divide the premises into rooms.

Lokal idealnie nadaje się na kancelarię notarialną. W tym także na kancelarię adwokacką. Przy wejściu można przygotować stanowisko na recepcję i poczekalnię dla petentów. Duże powierzchnie można podzielić na mniejsze pokoje, gdzie tworzymy spotkania w dyskretnej atmosferze. Rysunek pokazuje "na fioletowo" potencjalne do wykonania ścianki działowe.
Inny układ pomieszczeń, gdzie w lewej części uzyskujemy 2 pokoje z oświetleniem, a pozostawiamy większą część na recepcję i poczekalnię. Z kolei w prawej części lokalu dzielimy od razu na 2 pokoje, usuwając "przedpokój".
Entire floor plan 37 Wroclaw
Entire floor plan 0 Wroclaw
Postal address of the premises:Niemczańska street 37
50-561 Wrocław, Poland
Floor:Ground floor
entrance from the side of Wandy Rutkiewicz street

Easy access for people with disabilities

Surface:106.14 m2
Price for m2:69,00PLN 17,25 EUR
Lease price:7 323,00 PLN net worth 1 830,92 EUR
+ media usage fee based on premise counters
Settlement based on legal invoice
The price is subject to minor negotiations if the contract is concluded for a longer period
Availability:Free, write to us!
  • Fiber optic Internet from 2 operators:
  • Orange
  • UPC

Choose the speed:
  • 100 Mb/s,
  • 300 Mb/s,
  • 600 Mb/s,
  • 1 Gb/s.

The offer also includes:

  • Fixed telephony,
  • Digital television,
  • FAX.
  • Very visible from the street.
  • A large shop window.
  • Direct entrance from the city sidewalk.
  • A place on the wall with a ready connection of electricity to an advertising coffer.
  • The possibility of developing additional space on the lawn in front of the premises (magazine, garden, tables, benches, etc.).
  • Individual toilet.
  • Individual air conditioning.
  • The shaft 3 of window frames (does not let in hot during summer, does not release heat in winter).
  • 20 cm building insulation provides maximum insulation in the summer and low heating bills in the winter.
  • 3,04 m Comfortable and spatial height of the walls.
  • Equipment in teletechnical cabling, digital telephone system.
  • Premises equipped with ventilation, central heating, plumbing, entrance door, partition walls at the break room, toilet and washroom, electrical equipment.
  • Fiber-optic Internet connection in each premises. Fast Internet in the premises to choose from Orange or UPC. Fiber optic Internet speed to choose from 100Mb/s to 1Gb/s.
  • 24-hour access to premises, monitoring of the building.
  • A kitchenette with the possibility of development as a separate room / social room.
  • Possibility of any interior arrangement,
  • At the intersection of Niemczańska and Rutkiewicz streets, an advertising pylon with an illuminated place for the logo of your company.
  • Tilt windows.
  • Entrance doors and door locks for Class C security burglaries.
  • Rental price includes cleaning of the staircase and the building's surroundings once a week (every Friday).
  • Safe bicycle storage room.
  • The office space meets the requirements of SANEPID on medical premises, among others more than 3 meters high, lighting the premises, minimal bathroom and toilet space, etc..

Service premises 37 rent Wrocław-Krzyki 106.14 m2

Office for rent in Wrocław marked with number 37 on the Gaj estate.The premise is located in the building B, with entry from the side Wandy Rutkiewicz street.The usable area of the premises is 106.14 square meters.The premise is located on the ground floor. Office adapted with access for the disabled people.Fiber-optic Internet connection in each premises. The office has been provided with fiber optic infrastructure from UPC and Orange. It will provide a super fast Internet in the office with a speed of 1 Gb / s.The premise on the ground floor does not have a balcony.The premise has a large storefront.A black and white semi-detached house at the intersection of Niemczańska and Wanda Rutkiewicz streets.

This offer does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the data contained therein are for information purposes only.
We encourage you to contact us for details.