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Office plan with rental premises

Below you can see a list of premises for rent marked with a purple line where the premises are located in the building. The red line marks the place for the Tenant's advertising sign, which can only be placed in a specific place, in defined dimensions and colors to maintain the neat style of the entire office building. At the bottom of the page you will find detailed information about the acceptable requirements for the advertising box. Take a look at the photo gallery of the place you are interested in to find out the current condition of its interior or its location against the background of Wanda Rutkiewicz and Niemczańska Streets.

Niemczańska street 33/1
Niemczańska street 33/1, Wroclaw
  • Floor plan 33/1
  • Niemczańska street 33/1, Wroclaw
  • Niemczańska street 33/1, Wroclaw
  • Niemczańska street 33/1, Wroclaw
  • Niemczańska street 33/1, Wroclaw
On 1 on floor
Area: 55.35 m2
+ 2 balconies
For rent

Available, to let

Advertising banners, signboard with the company logo

The signboard may have maximum dimensions of 300 cm wide, 150 cm high, 10 cm thick, in the colors of white (RAL 9016), anthracite (RAL 7016), and also in a scratched aluminum cladding in silver. The background of the signboard in the given RAL color, according to the color of the Premises facade. Advertising signboards in ground-floor premises may include the connection of lighting inside the box. The location, shape and color of the Tenant's advertising box will keep the aesthetics of the entire building. So you can be sure that the building will not be covered with advertisements in intense colors.