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Address for sole proprietorship registration Wrocław

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sole proprietorship address
Address for sole proprietorship registration Wrocław
Starting your own business is becoming an increasingly attractive option in terms of employment taxes in Poland. However, when opening a new business, it is not worth investing in renting office space or setting up a company at your home address. You don't have to rent expensive offices or risk the privacy of your company's headquarters data when you register your sole proprietorship at your parents' house, in your private home or in a rented apartment.

Virtual office Wrocław is becoming an increasingly popular solution for entrepreneurs setting up their own business in Wrocław Krzyki as sole proprietorship. Cost minimization, professional image, flexibility, time optimization and scalability are just some of the benefits offered by Niemczańska Virtual Office. Thanks to us, entrepreneurs can focus on the development of their newly opened business (sole proprietorship), instead of worrying about the company's daily office duties. A virtual office for a sole proprietorship as a company headquarters for registering an address is an innovative solution that can significantly accelerate the development of new companies.

You will not only receive an address for registering your sole proprietorship at Wrocław Krzyki address, but we will also take care of your correspondence. We scan everything that comes to you address and send you a scan of the letter as a PDF attachment by email.

We also help in cases where you first need to complete a document on the intention to open a sole proprietorship and you need a declaration of the possibility of registering at the address to obtain funding from the city of Wrocław. That is, a declaration that we are ready for the sole proprietorship headquarters in the event of opening a sole proprietorship business with a city subsidy.

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