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Why is our location so attractive?

Location of the office in the background of the Wrocław city:

Location of the office for rent in Wrocław
The office is located 8 km from the center of Wrocław. Gaj housing estate. Convenient access by trams, buses or car. Easy access to the Wrocław bypass and the A4 motorway.

The environment allows you to arrange small, everyday matters. Office location in the background of the Gaj housing estate, Wrocław:

Office in Gaj, Wrocław
The office building is located in the center of Gaj housing estate. Crossroads of Niemczańska and Wanda Rutkiewicz streets. It is only 200 meters from Ferio Gaj shopping center.

Access by public transport

Arriving by bus

Day lines

K, 110, 136, 146 (stop Gaj)

112, 113 (stop Borowska)

Linie nocne:

249, 255 (stop Gaj)

249, 612 (stop street Borowska)

Arriving by tram

Day lines

31, 32 (stop Gaj, tram loop)

There are bus stops from the sie of the hospital at Borowska street.
From the side of Świeradowska street, there is the Gaj tram loop and bus stops.

Shops and restaurants

  • Shopping center Ferio Gaj
    ul. Świeradowska 51/57
    50-559 Wrocław
    Lots of shops and restaurants
  • GAJ Shopping Center
    ul. Świeradowska 70
    50-559 Wrocław
    Multi-branch commercial stands
  • Wroclavia
    ul. Sucha 1
    50-086 Wrocław
    The nearest big shopping center
  • Meals for employees:
    A lot of places to eat a meal, dinner or take contractors for lunch on the estate:
    Obiadomek, Jadłodalnia, Kiss the Cook, piekarnia Różana, Kebab

Health care

  • University Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Wroclaw
    ul. Borowska 213
    50-556 Wrocław
    including emergency medical services, emergency room, emergency cases
  • Przychodnia Gaj Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Krynicka 51
    50-555 Wrocław
    many specialties, admission to NFZ services and privately

We are subordinate to the following offices:

  • Tax Office Wrocław-Krzyki
    ul. Sztabowa 100
    53-310 Wrocław

    2,5 km (7 min) Show route

  • District Court Wrocław-Krzyki
    ul. Podwale 30
    50-040 Wrocław

    3,8 km (13 min) Show route

  • Social Insurance Institution Branch in Wroclaw
    ul. Pretficza 11
    50-930 Wrocław

    3,4 km (9 min) Show route

  • Post Office Wrocław 54, Gaj
    ul Jabłeczna 25
    50-567 Wrocław

    1 km (3 min) Show route

Nearest Inpost
  • Parcel locker WRO125M and Refrigerator locker
    ul. Niemczańska 39
    50-561 Wrocław
    10 meters / 30 seconds, on neighboring plot
  • Parcel locker WRO118M
    ul. Strońska 22
    50-538 Wrocław
    100 meters / 1,5 minutes from the building
  • Parcel locker Aliexpress
    (New location for Alibaba parcel locker, AliExpress new location Wrocław)
    ul. Pirenejska
    50-574 Wrocław
    20 meters / 45 seconds, on neighboring plot

Office for rent Krzyki - Wrocław

The Niemczańska office building is the best location for a company, company, business to run a business, in particular in the IT industry, because the building has a fiber-optic Internet connection with a sending and receiving speed of 1GB / s. Many entrepreneurs are looking for the perfect seat of the company, where their business could develop dynamically. In Wrocław, entrepreneurs often look for locations in the Krzyki district. A good location for the company is the Gaj na Krzykach estate, which will meet their requirements. A modern office building at the intersection of Niemczańska and Wandy Rutkiewicz streets is an affordable place for business owners and corporations in an intimate, quiet estate, so that you can focus on your business. Krzyki-Gaj is a place well connected with other districts of Wrocław.

Wrocław is a city with many A-class office buildings. This name is used to define a building with premises for rent, meeting several criteria, including: as large glazed area as possible, air-conditioned rooms, parking spaces for tenants, building entrance control system, super fast fiber-optic Internet, top-class IT and teletechnical support. All these parameters are met by the investment at Niemczańska Street. We invite tenants to view the available premises for rent in Wrocław - arrange a presentation with us.

The favorable location of the building on the map of Wrocław allows tenants and customers to quickly get to the center of Wrocław, ensures easy exit from the city due to the proximity to the A4 motorway, and easy access to the Main Railway Station, Bus Station and the airport. Near the building, on the side of Borowska and Świeradowska streets, there are bicycle paths that facilitate access to the office for cyclists.