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See what our office spaces look like

Below are photos of the investment at the intersection of Wandy Rutkiewicz and Niemczańska Streets in Wrocław. Our office spaces for rent in the heart of the Gaj estate in Wrocław are top-class service premises. We offer tenants unique architecture and a modern form of workmanship, height, energy quality, functionality of office rooms and excellent communication with the center of Wrocław, railway and bus stations, easy access to the beltway and motorway from the south of Wrocław. Find out about the work progress and the current state of the office building:

Office rental Wrocław

As can be seen from the photos above, the office building is ready for rent. The premises are in a developer standard, which means that each tenant can finish them according to their needs. We offer rental holidays to adapt the premises to the needs of the tenant.

Go to the "rent" tab and see the list of available premises for rent. There are photos from inside the selected service premises.