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Eco-office for rent, ecological space in Wrocław

Energy certificate
Energy certificate
Architectural design, construction technology and used energy-efficient solutions position the building among the so-called "Green buildings", i.e. objects recognized as environmentally friendly and its users.

Ecological architecture

  • Three-pane window frames Schüco's three-window window joinery stops the heat in the summer and does not allow cold in the winter.
  • A thick 20 cm layer of styrofoam insulates the building's temperature.
  • The construction with high sound insulation stops the sounds coming to the building, as well as those from the building outside to the surroundings (privacy, peace and quiet).

Ecological location

  • The active biological surfaces and green surfaces around the building reduce its overheating.
  • The proximity to urban public transport (trams and buses) that allows limiting private car transport.
  • High windows, windows and terrace glazing provide good lighting with natural light to prevent eye deterioration.
  • Most districts can be easily reached by bike. Bicycle paths from the side of Borowska street and Świeradowska street (300 meters)
  • Facilities (trade, services, restaurants) in the immediate vicinity of the building, without the need for commuting.

Ecological efficiency

  • Bicycle parking (bicycle stand with attachments).
  • Light switches that respond to movement (light saving).
  • Window height 2.30 m - Very good lighting of rooms with daylight.
  • Illumination of the building based on the city lighting system (costs on the city side).
  • An advanced way of lighting control in the stairwell and in every apartment.

Ecological office for rent Wrocław - Krzyki

Office building at ul. Niemczańska was established in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and will be energy certified at one of the highest levels. All service premises in the building have been designed with such issues as: global warming, excess smog, water shortages and reducing the negative impact on the environment in mind. Thanks to energy-saving solutions, we offer office space of the highest quality in Wrocław. This will provide the Tenant with high comfort of work and will bring savings resulting from lower service charges, while caring for the natural environment.

A modern office for rent, energy-saving building operation systems, large, vertical, opening windows, balconies in each premises, amenities for cyclists and pedestrians. Maximum access to daylight thanks to large spaces and the location of the building on the eastern and southern side, in the Gaj estate, Krzyki district. Energy saving system thanks to multi-functional gas stoves and energy retention in heaters. Direct access to public transport, including public bus communication from Borowska Street (next to Borowska Hospital), as well as bus and tram communication from Świeradowska Street. There is also a fast tram line "plus" there. We used water-saving toilet equipment to minimize water consumption. Additionally, we collect rainwater and use it. We have mastered the use of rainwater to perfection thanks to two underground tanks in which we store water. We only use environmentally friendly materials.

The ecological aspect is an important topic for us. Therefore, already in the design phase of the office building, during its construction and furnishing, we introduced a number of environmentally friendly solutions. Building materials have the required pro-ecological energy certificates. And each space for rent is equipped with energy-saving lighting. There are waterproof devices in the toilets. We collect the recovered rain water (we store the water). The building has huge windows and balconies, which are not only thermally insulating (3-layer window frames), but also suppress noise coming from the outside. In addition, they illuminate the rooms with natural sunlight, also taking care of your eyesight. All this in order to obtain the maximum comfort of work in the office at Niemczańska Street in Wrocław.

Ecological office in Gaj

An ecological office for rent is a workplace where solutions and practices related to environmental protection and sustainable development of Wrocław have been applied. It covers aspects such as:

  • Saving energy and water through the use of effective lighting and ventilation systems as well as installations for automatic lighting and temperature control;
  • Waste recycling and selective waste collection;
  • Use of environmentally friendly office supplies and equipment, such as recycled paper or furniture made from environmentally friendly materials;

The goal for ecological premises for rent Wrocław is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and encourage a more sustainable way of operating premises for rent for companies in Wrocław.

Energy-saving premises Wrocław

The energy-saving commercial premises Niemczańska-Wrocław is a building in which solutions aimed at minimizing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions have been applied. It covers aspects such as:

  • Effective heating and gas systems, thermal insulation of the building and triple window joinery for thermal insulation;
  • Thermal insulation of walls, roofs and floors to reduce heat loss in winter and keep it cool in summer;
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic panels;
  • Use of recycled or environmentally friendly building and finishing materials.

Energy-saving commercial premises in Wrocław are cheap premises for rent, which will contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It will reduce the costs associated with heating, cooling and lighting the building. This can be especially important for commercial premises that may be open for many hours a day and generate high energy demands. All this so that you, as the landlord, pay low bills for the use of the premises in our building at ul. Niemczańska.